Op-Smart At Work
In a Concrete Plant
6% productivity gain

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Op-Smart’s Process Smart system showed this customer accurate data of what was really happening in the plant versus what they believed to be happening in the plant. For example, the plant team was surprised by the actual length of transition time (includes mold change, set-up and mold adjustments) and the actual length of break-time on shifts versus what was previously being reported. It was identified that shift beginning and ending were significant opportunities for productivity improvement.

Bottom line, the plant was able to identify a 6% productivity gain. This meant $240,000 per year at the pilot plant. When they extrapolate this to more than ten plants they were energized to roll-out Op-Smart across their company.

In summary, they realized the system gave them a better ability to allocate capital on true bottlenecks and it significantly streamlined their data collection and processing. The team now takes advantage of Op-Smart’s advanced decision-making tools to allow them to make better decisions, faster and ultimately run a more efficient manufacturing operation.

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