Op-Smart, Simply Better
Op-Smart, Simply Better

In 5 minutes, Op-Smart shows me what I need to know.

Unlock the hidden potential of your factory and move your organization towards more modern production.

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"We learned more in six months about our process than ever before. Op-Smart informed immediate changes and long-term projects."

-- Concrete Block company COO

What is the Op-Smart Scorecard?

Op-Smart is a real-time monitoring system and analysis software toolset that reads data directly from your machines into an easy-to-use collection of reports customized for your operation. Install the system in a matter of hours. Identify process bottlenecks and areas of improvement in a few weeks or less.   Find Out More

What is the Op-Smart Data Collection System?

Deep knowledge of a manufacturing process can only be [gained] by combining automated data capture with human context. The Op-Smart system supplements information read directly from machines with real-time shop floor data collection via wifi tablets. Bring the internet to your plant and reap the benefits. Contact Us