The rate of technology advances is faster today than any other time in history. Why?
In part, because Cloud computing and storage has done two significant things; made technology more accessible and more affordable
The Internet of Things is here.

We are installing smart devices in our homes that allow us to regulate temperature, turn on/off lights, play music and much more.  We rely on Apps to find restaurants, select hotels, monitor weather, and even start our cars in cold weather.  Many of us could not even imagine using a map to get driving directions anymore.  We use an App to get turn by turn voice directions with live traffic updates and even alerts to speed traps.

Access to information is changing the way the world works and in particular the way business works.

Have you changed the way you work?

Are you leveraging affordable access to advanced technology to improve your plant productivity?

In today’s world, can you afford to operate your plant using pencil and paper to record operating statistics?  How accurate is that data? Is it timely?

Imagine a world where you could have accurate information on how your plant is performing in real-time.

In fact, you and your co-workers could access that information anywhere, anytime from your PC, tablet or smart phone.

What if by running a more efficient operation you could improve your productivity by 15%? 

What impact would that have on your bottom-line?

What if your sales people could have a calculator to bid more accurately an on important job?  Wouldn’t that increase your chance of winning more profitable work?

If you operate multiple plants, what if your operations managers could compare plants across your enterprise and share learned standards?

What if you could see your product yield in real-time?

What if instead of standard costing you could have more accurate costs by item?

What if sales and production could each access finished goods inventory to see what products are available and when new inventory will be available to ship? No more sales phone calls to the plant to check on availability.  No more overpromising to customers.

It’s all possible with Op-Smart!

In fact, it’s all being done right now in plants across North America.

Can you afford not to investigate this?


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