Embrace your

What’s happening at the plant?

This Instant
We model your plant
Automated data acquisition - limit switches and photo cells capture data as it flows through the manufacturing process – raw materials to finished goods placed in the yard
Real-time Data
Real-time data collection – every piece of equipment, every cycle... what’s really happening as it unfolds.
Performance to Target
Performance to Target – Number of cycles per hour relative to target – understand if you lost cycles and why.
Real Time KPI’s
You decide which key performance indicators are important to track – we report them to you, anywhere, anytime…on various devices.
This Shift/Day
Schedule board
Schedule - simple, easy to use planning tool…better customer service…better communication between the plant and sales.
The Operator’s tablet
The Operator - Simply hits the GO button to initiate a scheduled run. The System provides updates moment by moment on the status of the run.
Your Yard
Complete data reporting – right to the location of finished goods in your yard. You know inventory on hand and its location.
Review and Post
Plant Manager - quickly and easily reviews a summarized production report and posts it to the ERP system – timely, accurate and efficient.
Over Time
Pareto – quickly see your biggest opportunities – you focus on what matters!
Overall Equipment Effectiveness – fine-tune your productivity –– advanced performance metrics made simple - real insights on how to improve
Real Cost Analysis
Precise Costs - by item vs. traditional standard cost models
Product Winners and Losers
Profit by Item – helps you gain alignment between sales and manufacturing – impacts bottom-line.


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