Op-Smart, Simply Better
Op-Smart, Simply Better

Food & Beverage

Tight margins, perpetual delivery times, products that expire

Food and beverage manufacturers face a host of changing conditions unique to their sector. Processes and product lines may differ but similar challenges arise for these manufacturers. Constant alterations to packaging, pricing, and the supply chain makes mastery of inventory and supply chain management a requirement for a food or beverage manufacturer. Adding to the challenges, these manufacturers must comply with frequently-updated quality, safety, and environmental regulations. Manufacturers may strive for ISO 22000 compliance (based on HACCP and ISO 9000) while also being mindful of FDA requirements.

Do you face any of these challenges?

Customer demand for variety in product and packaging requires a fast and efficient approach to process modification (not to mention an explosion in SKUs, often of nearly identical products).
Op-Smart’s inventory control system utilizes automated data capture to gather material usage and production transactions at the source. A turnkey system of creating Bills of Material allows a few templates to represent hundred of SKUs.

We lose profit margin due to inefficient management of raw materials which often become unusable after weeks, if not days.
Op-Smart’s inventory count is as up-to-date as possible as raw materials are recorded at the point of use and debited from the inventory system immediately. Know your inventory situation in real-time, not when someone else finds time to enter it into the ERP system.

We are doing fine without automated data collection. Why burden ourselves?
Simple automated data collection can begin independent of employee training on Op-Smart. This information will be invaluable for establishing baselines and viewing historical trends when you do feel it’s time to look at them. Don’t lag behind your competition in implementing data collection and process control. No one ever regretted knowing too much about their process.

Op-Smart Can Help

Real-time visibility over production processes leads to increased quality and efficiency. Organized collection of historical process information allows unparalleled statistical process control and variance identification.