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Op-Smart, Simply Better

Personal Care

Personal Care products face challenges ahead

What concerns do you have about moving your organization forward, growing sales, and improving customer service?

Paperless seems great in theory but we have a lot of paperwork. Our paper-based system hasn’t failed us yet in audits. Is it even worth establishing compliance with the FDA’s Title 21 CFR Part 11 for electronic record keeping and signatures?

Every situation is unique but gradual going .. Pilot programs allow you to develop trust in our system with an overall to your current business procedures. The employees in the early pilot programs also often become valuable teachers/advocates within your organization. Our experience with a range of companies can help us guide you down a manageable path toward paperless/automated data collection.

We are doing fine without automated data collection. Why burden ourselves?

Simple automated data collection can begin independent of employee training on Op-Smart. This information will be invaluable for establishing baselines and viewing historical trends when you do feel it’s time to look at them. Don’t lag behind your competition in implementing data collection and process control. No one ever regretted knowing too much about their process.

Customer demand for variety in product and packaging requires a fast and efficient approach to process modification (not to mention an explosion in SKUs, often of nearly identical products).

Op-Smart’s inventory control system utilizes automated data capture to gather material usage and production transactions at the source.