Op-Smart, Simply Better
Op-Smart, Simply Better


Op-Smart provides a suite of software products specifically catering to batch and process manufacturers. Common thread is reading from machines.


Business Performance

How is manufacturing efficiency affecting your bottom line?

How well does your organization forecast/anticipate changes in sales demand? Prompt reactions to changes in the sales cycle will maximize profitability. The ability to respond to resource requirements is the agility that manufacturing businesses need to thrive.

Op-Smart cost accounting system is more accurate than most ERP systems in that it takes into account labor costs. How are you calculating your costs? What products are profitable? Continuing to emphasize products with low margins that are expensive to make is a losing proposition.

Op-Smart’s Downtime Cost Analysis tool shows the exact cost of downtime on your bottom line. This starts with real performance data and you can’t get that from manual reporting.


Op-Smart Scorecard

Determine the real efficiency of your operation

Do you know your actual efficiency? The average manufacturing facility operates at between 55-65% efficiency. Operating at 85% is considered world class. The potential for the average factory to improve is significant. Establishing benchmarks and knowing where you stand now is the first step toward improving.

Combine automated data sources with operator context for a complete picture of plant performance from raw material to finished goods. Op-Smart continually benchmarks performance and allows you to identify the areas most in need of improvement.

Over 50% of opportunities for improvement discovered with the Op-Smart system require next to no investment to implement. Learn things about your process that you never knew and establish a culture of continuous improvement.


Uptime Opportunity

See exactly where productivity is lost

You can only calculate downtime accurately by combining automated reporting with necessary context from the operator. Op-Smart’s automated data collection system enables better insight than the traditional consultant for a longer period of time and at a fraction of the cost.

Op-Smart turns data from your process and equipment -- independent of age or brand of equipment -- into actionable insights and familiar displays including OEE and Pareto charts. Identify process bottlenecks and areas of improvement in a matter of weeks. Establish a culture of continuous improvement; regain your lost productivity.



How are you scheduling your maintenance?

Maintenance should be planned based on machine cycles and fit into your schedule with as little disruption of production flow as possible. Complete tracking of shop floor data allows Op-Smart to intelligently fit maintenance tasks into your production schedule.

Other maintenance packages require integration with existing proprietary databases but Op-Smart draws on source data -- the most elegant and accurate solution to maintenance scheduling.

Read more about Op-Smart's solution to plant maintenance.


Customer Service

Do your salespeople know the exact status of their orders?

You deserve up-to-the-minute oversight over your orders. See exactly where your most important customer’s product is in line at the plant. Right now. Without emailing anyone. A salesman who is spending time communicating with the factory about the status of customer orders isn’t out selling.

Rapid communication between company departments - sales, production, customer service -  streamlines communication and coordination of activities. This improves customer service and allows you to serve your current clientele better.