Op-Smart, Simply Better
Op-Smart, Simply Better


The only reliable downtime data comes directly from the source - your machines.

Quality Assurance | Real-Time Production Monitoring | Factory Internet | Long-term Planning Decisions | Paperless factory | Statistical Process Control

Quality Assurance

Enhanced Quality Assurance for the 21st century

If you want to develop, enforce, and evolve a manufacturing Quality Control plan, then you need a comprehensive software solution. Many quality departments are drowning in paperwork because they don’t know how to take the next step to a software-based system or they are afraid of regulatory issues. Automated data gathering supplemented by operators with mobile data collection devices is the most accurate way to keep track of quality. Op-Smart’s Quality System collates this data into searchable files that can be examined for patterns and variance.

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Real-Time Production Monitoring

How long do changeovers really take? Why does the first shift outperform the second shift?

The days when only global manufacturers could afford real-time monitoring projects is in the past. The emergence of inexpensive hardware makes this game-changing technology accessible to small and medium-sized manufacturing operations. How are you currently measuring production output and efficiency? Are you asking the same employee to record production information that they will be measured against? Clearly this system is ripe for abuse and inaccuracies.

Absolute oversight over the state of your machines is only possible by reading cycle signals directly from the source. Op-Smart allows you to monitor the flow of production in real-time from any location. See production and downtime as it happens.


Factory Internet (IoT)

The Internet of Things on the factory floor will revolutionize manufacturing

Your machines produce more data in the form of electronic signals than your ERP system can handle. An eight hour shift can generate over 30,000 data points that, when analyzed correctly, paint a comprehensive picture of your process. The Op-Smart system is the modem in your plant that collects all these signals and stores them in a database. The Op-Smart software suite processes the production in the cloud, collates it, and displays it for consumption in industry-customized dashboard. The collection unit is always supplied with unused ports - setting you up to collect more data down the road if deemed necessary.


CapEx Planning

New mix tank?

New machine?

Third shift?

Larger crew?

Many lean consultants tend to focus on one or two areas of your process considered to be bottlenecks. But are these the real true points constricting production? The most effective improvement programs evaluate the entire process from raw material entry to finished goods exit. This evaluations pinpoints the most critical areas for improvements and then these are attacked with laser-like focus. Any other approach to major improvement process planning risks spending time, resources, and money attempting to solve the wrong problem. It’s not uncommon to see clients using Op-Smart to have long-term capital expenditure decisions influenced in as early as six months.


The Paperless Factory

Each factory has unique requirements so there is no one panacea solution to paperless manufacturing. Helping our operators become more productive and focused is the ultimate end goal. Simplifying the operator’s reporting requirements allows them to focus more attention on routine inspections and daily maintenance. This, in turn, encourages a sense of ownership over the machines and leads to operators acquiring technical mastery. Going paperless on the factory floor is never a simple process but it always yields benefits far beyond simply eliminating paper forms.


Operator Tablets

Digital Connectivity on the Factory Floor is coming to your plant.

 Each factory, even within the same organization, is unique so there is no one panacea solution to paperless manufacturing.Helping operators become more productive and focused is the ultimate end goal. Simplifying the operator’s reporting requirements allows them to focus on high quality and efficient production. Work instructions in the tablet interface cater to a range of workers. Experienced operators do not need to see them but less seasoned operators may need to reference them often. Good work instructions can be vital training aids for new employees. What would it mean to your organization if an operator could become proficient in a matter of weeks rather than months.


Statistical Process Control

Automated data collection from start to finish allows detailed tracking of your manufacturing process. Monitoring your process for changes is the key to reducing process variation. Reducing process variation improves quality and efficiency. Elite manufacturers know that the only way to stay competitive is to utilize statistical process control over all aspects of their operation. Op-Smart collects and transforms your data into customized dashboards of traditional lean KPIs alongside an in depth process inspection interface.

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